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Harnessing the power of the global Maritime Media Network means combining the resources of the world's largest circulation industry magazines with the industry's largest Network of dedicated websites, e-newsletters and mobile apps... at the lowest CPM in the industry.

Each month the Maritime Media Networks Delivers

Total Banner Views7,427,590
Total Page Impressions1,681,158
Media Reach1,001,884
BPA Audited140,871

Magazines152,656 circulation

For over 60 years we have provided advertisers with BPA audited circulation statements it's your guarantee that the magazine is delivering what it promises…..Real circulation means real readers, Professionals that have "requested" the publication and provided detailed demographics such as job title /description and the nature of their companies business.

Always request a third party audit, and analyze the numbers to insure your getting a 100% requested circulation and not just an outdated mailing list.

Maritime Reporter Marine News Maritime Professional Marine Technology Reporter
Qualified BPA Audited 35,369 33,106 20,839 25,213
Total Audited 114,527
Bonus: Show copies, Digital 38,129
Total Magazines 152,656

circulation figures based on May 2013 issues

Websites482,286 visitors

The Maritime Media Network of websites serves over 7,000,000 banner impressions monthly to our world-wide audience. Our websites and their content are specifically targeted to the Maritime industry professional. You can be sure that your banner will be seen by maritime industry decision makers and executives. The Maritime Media Network delivers the combined audience of the web's most powerful and influential Maritime industry websites

E-News318,340 recipients

The Maritime Media Network E-news services is our 24/7 targeted news delivery service reaching inboxes around the world. Our global team of editors, reporters and contributors guarantee the widest range of content and specialized newsletters reaching the right audiences.

Mobile Apps22,258 users

We have the market covered (and so do our advertisers) with dedicated industry news apps available in the most popular mobile device operating systems. Only The Maritime Media Network delivers the latest news and editorial to the industry's largest audience using iPhone, droid, and windows based apps.

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Maritime Business Networking 27,304 members

Maritime Business Networking

At The Maritime Media Network we understand the power of serious business networking, that's why we created

With a membership of over 24,000 Maritime Professionals "MarPro" provides insightful and engaging content by the industry's leading Editors and Journalists and participation from our membership's membership is audited by BPA real members and real content means

Real targeted results for our advertisers

Maritime Professional Members27,304

Social networks 57,090

Websites, e-news, mobile apps and networking figures based on May 2015 stats